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Company and Client Code of Conduct

Your financial future is very important to us. We promise to conduct ourselves in the following manner:

  • We will be honest and trustworthy
  • We will keep your personal information and conversations confidential
  • We will only offer advice in areas we are qualified in
  • We will provide independent advice
  • We will only make recommendations that are suitable to your individual circumstances
  • We will fully disclose how we are compensated for our services
  • We will point out any potential conflict of interest
  • We will treat you in a courteous and kind manner
  • We will respond to your phone calls and emails (always copy 2 of us) within the same or next business day

What we expect from clients of Urist Financial and Retirement Planning, Inc.

  • They will advise us of changes in their situation that could affect their finances (divorce, family death, loss of job, retirement, etc.)
  • They will inform us when they are uncomfortable with their account fluctuation and desire a reevaluation of their risk profile
  • They will inform us of any financial issues that concern them and are relevant to their planning
  • They will provide timely and accurate financial information when requested
  • They will treat us in a courteous and kind manner
  • They will consider recommending our services to others which will enable us to grow and maintain our high level of service to our existing clients.

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